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Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar Done Right.  The First Time.  Every Time.

SV Electric Solar Technicians

Cost Effective, High Quality Installation

We provide residential solar panel installations using QTron 425W solar panels.  Our highly trained technicians ensure all installations are done right the first time.  Every time.

Versatility in Application

Unlike most solar installers, we are experienced electrical and solar contractors.  We engineer each customers system from start to finish following a standard procedure to ensure maximum power production while keeping it cost-effective.


We have one of the highest rated Yelp reviews for electrical contractors in Santa Clara County since 2009. 

Full Customer Service Experience

Our presence in the industry means we know from experience how to best serve our customers.  We guarantee our customers great service, quick responses, and superior quality products.


Benefits Of

Micro-inverters are useful and recommended when there are shading issues across the solar panels or where you need panels to face different directions because of the roof design.

Micro-inverters allow each panel to operate on its own, so if a single panel or some panels are in shade it will not affect the output as the panel in sunlight will work to its full capacity.

Some roofs are small and can fit only a few panels. Other roofs point in differing directions. To get efficient solar system output in such situations, a micro-inverter will be most suitable for the solar installation. With the use of micro-inverters you can have the panels oriented into two or more different directions, while string inverters require several panels to be facing in the same direction together.

Micro-inverters also allow the performance of every panel to be monitored individually. In the case of a system fault or poor performing panel, micro inverters enable faster identification and repair.

Micro-inverters may also reduce down time from breakdown. For example, if a string inverter stops working the whole solar system stops working and produces no power. If a micro inverter stops working, only the individual panel stops working and the rest of the panels in the system should still work and be unaffected.

Micro-inverters also allow for expandability as you can add additional panels one at a time with another micro inverter. You can also use different brand or size panels in the system. With a string inverter it can be harder to expand a system, as it is dictated by the size of the inverter and additional panels need to be the same or almost identical in specifications to the existing panels.

Micro-inverters will also allow for panels to be added at a later date as any number of panels can be added with a micro inverter. With a string inverter, only an identical panel can be added and only if the string inverter has the extra capacity/ room.

Inverters VS. Power Optimizers
Enphase IQ 7 Micro-Inverters

What We Install

IQ8 Micro-Inverters
Enphase IQ8 Micro-Inverters
Enphase Monitoring App
Level 2 EV Chargers
Enphase IQ8 Micro-Inverters
QTron 425W Panels
Enphase Monitoring App
All Level 2 EV Chargers

The Numbers Speak For Themselves


Years of Experience




Star Yelp Reviews


What People Are Saying

Josh F.

James really is as good as it gets.  Contacted him to install a car charger, he mentioned he also did solar, which I was planning on doing anyway.  Less than a month later solar install is done and working!  (car charger meanwhile hasn't even shipped yet, thanks Tesla!)  Highly recommended, fantastic experience start to finish.

M O.

James does excellent work.  He arrives on time, works efficiently and is organized and cleans up the work area upon completion.  He Provides you with an estimate and also offers helpful ideas with the project.  I highly recommend him for your electrical needs.

Calvin R.

Absolutely incredible. James has an impeccable focus on precision and cleanliness. I have never run across another person in the home repair business as clean and thorough as him. So lucky we found him on yelp. This was probably my best yelp find of my entire membership.

Are You Ready To
Start Saving Money?

With the average payoff in 6.5 years, saving money by cutting down the amount of energy you use is no fluke. Solar panels give you the ability to save money by creating a natural source of energy that has the ability to power your home and heat your pool.

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